Wood Recycling

The Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority wishes to reduce recyclable materials going to the landfill.

We encourage you to seek ways to repair, reuse, and recycle clean, untreated wood as an alternative to disposal in landfills.
We also promote the proper separation and handling at processing facilities.

We accept wood for recycling Mon-Sat; 8am-4pm at the price of $45/ton ($10.00 minimum charge). 

For wood recycling, please go to the Scale House.

We will accept the following wood for recycling:
 - Clean wood and timber
 - Untreated/unpainted wood
 - Wood pallets
 - Yard trim/brush
 - Tree stumps no larger than 24" in diameter
 - Empty cable spools

We will not accept the following wood for recycling:
 - No stained, painted or treated wood
 - No railroad ties
 - No landscape ties
 - No furniture