Tipping Fees

Tipping fees vary for waste and recyclables brought to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority facilities. The Authority will accept personal checks, cash or credit cards. For those haulers licensed by the Authority, a revolving charge account is established.

Minimum fee for refuse weighing up to 580 pounds - $25.00.
Refuse weighing over 580 pounds is pro-rated - $84.00/ton.

Automobile Tires
Residentially generated automotive and small truck tires will be accepted at the following rates:
Minimum fee for a load of tires weighing up to 580 pounds - $25.00.
Tire loads in excess of 580 pounds are pro-rated - $84.00/ton.
Please call the Transfer Station for information about commercial quantities of tires.

Fee for recyclables - $50.00/ton or $10.00 minimum charge if less than a ton.
Clear, green blue and brown glass, newspapers, magazines, mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, steel and aluminum cans and all plastic bottles, jugs and jars are accepted.

For residential recyclables, a drop off site is provided at no charge outside of the gate.