Auto Waste

In this day and age everyone is driving something - a car, a truck, a van, a motorcycle. All of these motor vehicles require maintenance. Some folks maintain their vehicles themselves. What do you do with the old tires, oil, antifreeze and batteries?

Tires are a problem when dealing with automotive waste.
They can be recycled at the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority for a minimal fee.
Residentially generated automotive and small truck tires will be accepted at the following rates:
Minimum fee for a load of tires weighing up to 580 pounds - $25.00.
Tire loads in excess of 580 pounds are pro-rated - $84.00/ton.
Please call the Transfer Station for information about commercial quantities of tires.

Motor Oil
Oil and water do not mix, so do not pour your used oil onto the ground. Several service stations in Centre County accept used motor oil from residents. The Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority keeps a list of motor oil recyclers available for residents who need to dispose of their used motor oil.

Most antifreeze contains ethylene glycol which causes dizziness or nausea, even when just inhaled.  It is attractive to animals with its sweet aroma, and in small quantities is usually deadly. At the current time we do not have any leads on local stations that will accept used antifreeze.  

Lead-Acid Batteries
When purchasing a new battery for your vehicle, most places offer a cash discount for returning your old one. If you have an extra lead-acid battery that you need to dispose of, stores that sell batteries will accept them back.