Recycle Right at your Tailgate this Fall

We are making it super easy for folks to recycle at upcoming football tailgate parties. Once you settle in at your tailgate spot, walk over to an A-Frame labeled for PSU Football Recycling (see image left).

The A-Frames contain two colors of bags (blue bags for recycling plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminum cans – and clear bags for trash). Once you fill your blue bags with empty bottles and cans, just tie up the bag and leave it at your tailgate. Do the same with your clear trash bag: tie it up and leave it at your tailgate.

The grounds crew will begin collecting blue and clear bags the morning after the game. Clear bags will go to the landfill and the blue bags will be delivered to the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority (CCRRA) where the contents will be sorted and recycled.

Lastly, leave your tailgate area better than you found it. Our employees, the PSU grounds crew and your community will thank you for it. As always, thanks for recycling!